Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2 weeks and 2 years


I am a bit behind on this, but both of my kids had their doctor's appointments lately and for my own records, I like to remember their stats...

 Emmerich's 2 week appointment
(It was acutally 3 weeks because of our lake powell trip)

Weight: 7 lbs 12 oz (14 %)
Length: 20.5 inches (29 %)
Head: 14 inches (25 %)

He is growing right on track and has gained more than an oz a day according to the doc!

Agnes' 2 year appointment

Weight: 24 lbs (20%)
Length: 33 inches (28%)

She absolutely hated the doctor.  She wouldn't even stand on the scale... she was screaming bloody murder! We had talked for weeks about the doctor, and she was so excited to go.  I had to stand on the scale with her and then subtract my weight. nice. She was also kicking the doctor and screaming during her exam.  He said she was a little firecracker (Evan says that was a nice way of saying brat... haha) I think she will get better after watching her brother do it every two months...

Anyway, I love these kids.  Life can be crazy but we are getting used to it. Why did I ever think I was busy with only one???

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