Friday, May 4, 2012

30 weeks!

Look at this face! I am so in love!! I have never had a 3D ultrasound before, but today at my appointment we got these amazing pictures. He is really a little person in there!
Well, I have been seeing my doc every 2 weeks now to keep good watch on my creeping up blood pressure. Last pregnancy about this time, my blood pressure sky rocketed so this time they are keeping close watch. It has been creeping up a bit every visit, but today? Totally perfect range! Yay!!! I am more and more hopeful of a VBAC come JULY!! My doctor said we'll have to still wait and make sure my numbers don't jump around more, but for now, yay! We also checked on my placenta placement again. Further away than last time and completely wonderful! So happy to hear that. Baby boy is measuring right on track, he is about 3 lbs and super active. He is also still VERY much a boy and for his sake I won't post the pictures, but the ultrasound tech said (again) "Wow! Daddy should be proud!" haha... TMI perhaps? ha. I cannot believe how fast this little guy is going to be here! This pregnancy has flown by! Oh and next week we are closing on our house!!!! I promise once I get this mess packed up and unpacked I will post more pictures of recent happenings! We are so excited about how things are going!

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