Wednesday, May 30, 2012

chocolate face

Photobucket Agnes LOVES to help me bake... See why?! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Oh, and just for good measure, the most recent belly pic (probably mostly protruding due to the chocolate...) Photobucket

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Home Adventures

We have been busy and I am so behind on blogging... oh and blogger is being dumb today, so sorry that my paragraphs aren't separated...
Adventures of homeownership... Week one: The move was a success, but we are still surrounded by boxes! I really hope I can get organized soon... Moving for a toddler is NOT easy. I don't know if it is the fact that she enters her terrible twos in exactly one month, or if this adjustment is just hard, but I have had a demon child this week, screaming over everything and not sleeping well AT ALL! I am really regretting the big girl bed thing... She was doing great before the move with it though so maybe it is just this adjustment. Bird's nests are not easy to get out of your dryer vent. The poor baby birds keep making their way down the vent into our laundry room, getting stuck, and we keep returning them outside. Please learn to fly so we can evict you and not worry about it smelling like fried chicken when I want to dry my clothes!!
A backyard is the best thing that has ever happened to Agnes. First thing she wants to do when she gets up is run outside. Speaking of yard, it is awesome and big, but has been let go for quite some time. The grass looks like it hasn't been watered in years. Luckily we know a really awesome sprinkler guy (my dad) and he has helped us redo the sprinkler system. We found that many pipes were broken and just in a matter of 3 days that the sprinklers have been running, the yard is already looking SO much better! Oh yeah and it is good to note that running water with broken pipes may almost flood your new neighbor's basement. we love our new home though! It does need some work in places, but we are loving it. Now I am feeling a sense of urgency to get it all together because I am having a baby soon!!! Ahhh... I haven't even had time to think about this baby. Did I mention that I am 33 weeks and had Agnes at 36 weeks???!!!! that is 3 weeks potentially! ahh... Things are looking better than last time though, so we are hoping to making it much further. I am going in for weekly Non Stress Tests from now on, so we will see.

Friday, May 4, 2012

30 weeks!

Look at this face! I am so in love!! I have never had a 3D ultrasound before, but today at my appointment we got these amazing pictures. He is really a little person in there!
Well, I have been seeing my doc every 2 weeks now to keep good watch on my creeping up blood pressure. Last pregnancy about this time, my blood pressure sky rocketed so this time they are keeping close watch. It has been creeping up a bit every visit, but today? Totally perfect range! Yay!!! I am more and more hopeful of a VBAC come JULY!! My doctor said we'll have to still wait and make sure my numbers don't jump around more, but for now, yay! We also checked on my placenta placement again. Further away than last time and completely wonderful! So happy to hear that. Baby boy is measuring right on track, he is about 3 lbs and super active. He is also still VERY much a boy and for his sake I won't post the pictures, but the ultrasound tech said (again) "Wow! Daddy should be proud!" haha... TMI perhaps? ha. I cannot believe how fast this little guy is going to be here! This pregnancy has flown by! Oh and next week we are closing on our house!!!! I promise once I get this mess packed up and unpacked I will post more pictures of recent happenings! We are so excited about how things are going!