Thursday, March 22, 2012

Best news ever!

Today we went for a follow-up 24 week ultrasound to check on the position of the placenta. We were very shocked, surprised and ecstatic to find that the placenta completely moved up to where it is supposed to be! It is a miracle! There are no problems at all! No placenta previa, and the placenta is no where close to my scar tissue! The ultrasound tech and two other doctors agree that we are in the clear.

I feel so extremely blessed. This has been a very trying month for me and I have learned so much. I know that this is a complete miracle. It is so rare that a placenta like mine would move at all, and it moved completely out of the way in 4 weeks!! I was very prepared for bad news today but was just hoping for any small glimpse of hope. Instead I am completely shocked and happy that this worry is over!

Thank you! thank you! THANK YOU all for the prayers! We have definitely felt them.

In other news, baby boy is measuring right on track and doing great! He is wiggly and kicking all over the place... I am so so grateful!