Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All things baby #2

We are absolutely thrilled that Baby #2 is joining our family! Our kids will pretty much be exactly 2 years apart, and although that sounds pretty close, we had been working at this thing for a while.

Trying to conceive makes me an absolute crazy person... It doesn't necessarily come easy for my body to do all the right stuff, and let's just say that I am pretty much an expert on "all things fertility." I had been super anxious about the whole "trying to get pregnant" thing since we had a surprise pregnancy and miscarriage last May, and that made the whole waiting game seem even more hard... It was hard to get pregnant with Agnes, and it was hard to get pregnant this time too... I pretty much know and have tried every trick in the book, and luckily things have worked out before needing professional help. I have taken hundreds of pregnancy tests in my lifetime... (Amazon sells Wondfo test strips for dirt cheap, took me long enough to figure that out) Using some miracle herbs that puts my body on track (vitex), tracking temperatures every morning for months and months, other tricks I probably shouldn't mention on this here blog, and lots and lots of prayers... We finally got another little positive at the end of October. I couldn't even get excited until I knew we were out of the first trimester...

So for months and months I cried and cried to Evan about wanting another baby and suddenly I am crying every night that I hope I can really be a mom of two... Gotta love him. I was so anxious about the timing of this thing, hoping my kids could be close in age, and now that I have that babe growing, time can slow waaay down. please? 2nd pregnancy has been funny that way.

Anyway, here are my hopes for delivery this time around... My first delivery was probably less than ideal, and though I loved every second of it, I have some high hopes for a few things this time around:

-I would LOVE to have a VBAC... Having a C-section really wasn't that bad, but sometimes I feel like I missed out on giving birth to my child. sounds lame, i know. Of course an easier recovery wouldn't hurt either. We'll see how this turns out. I had Pre-ecplampsia the first time around and had to deliver early, so the only way I can do the VBAC thing is if I don't have those problems again and if I go into labor on my own. Kinda bad odds... but I will hope!

-I would love to not have a premature baby this time. Agnes was really healthy for being a month early, but was still in the NICU for a few days, hooked up to monitors and on an IV for low blood sugar. It really wasn't that big of a deal and I am so grateful she was okay, but I never got to have her in my room of the hospital and never felt like she was really my baby while we were there.

-Magnesium Sulfate is death. I had to be put on it for a few days during and following my c-section for blood pressure problems. It basically just makes you feel like death. I was totally out of it, passing out while trying to hold my baby, throwing up all night while holding a pillow to my belly hoping to not bust my stitches. good stuff. My biggest concern was that I was waaay too sick to get to the nursery. I wanted to nurse my baby and was so worried because I couldn't try it until the next day, and when I did, I fainted in the chair. awesome.

-Cough of Death. I had a super bad, hacking cough for weeks after my c section (surgery can do that to you) and every time I coughed was like ripping stitches, (or so it felt)

These are just silly things, and if it happens this way again? fine... It was the best few days of my life with that new little lady of mine. I just wouldn't mind snuggling with my babe in my hospital room, while eating hospital food (not an all liquid diet), and feeling great!

Anyway, here we are week 16 of pregnancy! one month until we find out the gender! SO far, things are on track and we are excited for this baby! Now if only someone could help me figure out how to ween my 18 month old. Remember how I was worried about her breastfeeding? yeah. The kid won't give it up! I really don't want to do the tandem nursing thing when baby #2 comes, so any advice would be appreciated!!!

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