Tuesday, January 31, 2012

18 months!

(ahh... it is impossible to take good pictures at this stage!!! She will not sit still so instead I get the deer caught in the headlights look... oh well)

I am over a month late on this post... but here are her stats at 18 months!

Weight: 20 lbs 6%
Height: 30 inches 8%
Head: 18 inches 25 %

So the verdict is, she's tiny. When we are out and she is running around, people always ask how old she is and comment that she looks way too small to be walking... haha.

I love this little girl. She is crazy and funny and into everything!! She has so much energy and quite a funny personality. She is always climbing on everything and jumping off. She talks and talks and talks ALL day. She can say pretty much anything and amazingly I can understand her. She loves to read "stories." She understands German commmands from Daddy. Anything he tells her, she can pretty much respond in English. Agnes is also becoming a little helper to mom; Always helping with laundry, dishes and cooking... It is not always helpful, but it is cute that she tries. She loves to sing, she's always singing a new little tune that goes something like, "lalala car, lalala daddy, lalala house, lalala shoes." or whatever words she feels like. She is such a dancer and I HAVE to get it on video. It is hilarious. We went to her Aunt Maddie's dance concert and she would not quit dancing in her seat for the whole 2 hours! She won't sleep without minnie mouse. She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Wonderpets, Toy Story and Tangled. Is it bad that I kind of love that she can stay glued to a movie? It enables me to get something done without a bigger mess!
She loves: Bubble Baths, pretending to be a dog or frog, chocolate, raisens, chicken, ice water, and mommies milk. She still won't give it up. When we are in public she will even point to me and say,"mommies milk, all gone." But at home... it's all she wants. We are down to only nursing in the mornings and I have tried giving that up, but she just won't have it. I don't mind it, I really actually love it, but I just want her to quit before baby 2 comes....

There are so many more things she does at this age that are so cute and fun... It is sure busy with her, but so worth it.


LibTenney said...

Anna's stats were exactly the same at 18 months. I'm so excited for your new little one, hope you are enjoying life :)

Jana said...

Oh I love this girl! What a sweet picture. I am so glad you live close by so we can see little Agnes often. I still can't believe she is going to be a big sister. Sure love you all!