Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We're still here!


I am sure you were all DYING to see what we've been up to right?

Well, it hasn't been anything overly exciting... Just my normal day to day stuff, and I have just been too busy to blog.



Agnes LOVES:

to eat her fists
to kick and splash in the tub
to talk and talk and talk all day
to giggle and smile every time I look at her
to be swaddled up tight
to try to sing to music
to watch TV (bad mother, I know)
to look at herself in the mirror
to swing

I LOVE her


ps I didn't chop my hair, it just looks like it

1 comment:

melimba said...

look at those cute girls!? Too fun, Kelsey!
Agnes is getting so much older!! What a dolly!
Hey, when are we going to see your MUSIC VIDEO, girl??
Hope you guys are doing well!
love melis