Wednesday, August 11, 2010

little update

I have so much I could talk about... and so little time. I can't believe that I am even taking this time to blog during the precious time that the girl is asleep. She does not like to be put down I don't get a lot done around here. I don't get showered, or dressed...I don't get cleaning or laundry done. But it really is okay. Infact, it is amazing. I wouldn't trade it.

(oh....and that was`one short nap! I will attempt the one handed typing)

Agnes is getting so old and big! I am not sure what she weighs now, but I am guessing around 10 lbs! She is 7 weeks old...still eating about every 2 hours. She loves it, and I love that I am the only person who can give her what she needs. We still are not getting much sleep, but it is getting easier. She is starting to respond to us a lot more which is so fun! She has given us some adorable smiles and really likes to study our faces. She LOVES music. We are constantly moving and singing to her, and she cries when we stop.

I have been really busy with a music project I am working on... It is a pretty cool and big project, but I am excited to be done with it and focus more on being a good mom, and not neglect her during recording sessions and costume fittings. Speaking of costume fittings, post Pregnant body is not pretty, which is stressing me! ha... Even though I am at my pre pregnancy weight, it looks waaay different. I know it takes time... but it doesnt make costume fittings easy!

Well... I have so much more I could say, but my girl is needing some attention.

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