Friday, May 21, 2010

Trip to L&D

Today I had a regular old appointment with my doctor, but was pretty surprised to find that things weren't perfect. I guess I should have expected it, as I haven't felt that great the last little while, but I figured it was just 3rd trimester fun.

My blood pressure was pretty high, and I was sent right to the hospital to Labor and Delivery. After blood tests and lots of monitoring, a couple of hours later I was sent home told to take it easy tonight. Tomorrow I go back for results which will indicate how serious...and potentially how early this baby could come. Crazy! Most likely I will be put on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. I guess we will know tomorrow!


Roper said...

I hope it's not too serious and you feel better soon. I'll be thinkin of ya.

Suzana said...

yikes. i hope everything goes ok - and that you don't have to be on bedrest. but if you do i guess that's the best for both you and the baby. keep us updated.

kars and linz said...

kels i hope everything turns out okay! we will be praying for ya and your little girl!