Friday, May 28, 2010

From the bedside...

It has been an interesting week. 4 trips to labor and delivery, 2 appointments with my doctor, and lots of unknowns. My blood pressure numbers have been all over the place. As of now, I am on bedrest to keep these numbers down. Right now things seem pretty stable if I am always down, but my doctor said things can skyrocket for no reason and take a turn for the worst. In that case, we could have a baby any day, but if things stay the same, we are aiming for 37 weeks or more. So, it is pretty weird not knowing a real timeframe. (I am almost 34 weeks)

They say this happends in 7% of all pregnancies and it is just the way your body is reacting to foreign tissue in your body. The only cure is to deliver the baby... There is nothing I could have done to prevent it from happening.

It is pretty exciting that I could be meeting my little baby soon! But, I am most worried about her having to come too soon! We would love to have her with as little NICU time as possible.

But all is well from the bedside! I just feel bad for not being able to help Evan out more. It is weird to just be lazy everyday. And if you have any suggestions of TV series, activities, or other things to occupy my time, let me know!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Trip to L&D

Today I had a regular old appointment with my doctor, but was pretty surprised to find that things weren't perfect. I guess I should have expected it, as I haven't felt that great the last little while, but I figured it was just 3rd trimester fun.

My blood pressure was pretty high, and I was sent right to the hospital to Labor and Delivery. After blood tests and lots of monitoring, a couple of hours later I was sent home told to take it easy tonight. Tomorrow I go back for results which will indicate how serious...and potentially how early this baby could come. Crazy! Most likely I will be put on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. I guess we will know tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2 years!


Last Friday was our 2 year anniversary! It was a fabulous day filled with shopping, Iron Man 2, Tucanos, and Nickel Arcades. It was the best day. These 2 years have flown by so quick, and yet I can't remember what life was before Evan...

I love how excited he is for this baby. He can't stand it. I can't wait to watch him be a daddy.

Speaking of baby... (I know...that's all my blog consists of, but really...this is my life right now)

-She definitely found my ribs. and I think it might be with her feet! (She has been breach the whole time so far... so YAY!) We will soon find out for sure.

-She gets the hiccups a lot... like more than I think would be normal...but I hear that's fine!

-She LOVES bluegrass music! (thanks Nickel Creek!)

Now for my turn:

-9 weeks to go! I really can't believe it!

-Warning may be TMI--My pubic bone is killing me. like I can't even lift my legs to put my pants on, every step I take kills me. And it's been like this for months!

-Heart burn wasn't fun... but now I take Zantac morning and night and I feel incredible!

-Contractions! many times a day...getting quite annoying! Evan and I tried to go on a little hike the other day...we didn't last long. I had one contraction that lasted over 30 minutes. but again...they say it's all normal!

-Yes, the nursery is pretty much done. I will post pics later I promise!

And FYI, I may have just complained a little about 3rd trimester symptoms...but I wouldn't trade any of them for anything!