Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Recent Happenings...

It has been a while... we have just been so busy!

School is back in session, which means I see Evan a whole lot less than I wish I did, but I am slowly adjusting to it. It always takes us a bit to get adjusted to a new schedule. Evan gets used to going straight from an all night work shift to an all day school shift, leaving limited time for homework, sleep, and well... me. But he does it. I can't believe it, and I love him so much for it. He kills himself to support and serve me. He sacrifices so much. Seriously... I feel so lucky to have him.

School is back for Evan...not for me. I love it. I can't believe that I am finished and will not be going back! It is a great feeling! I was really scared to be working...and only working. It sounds so pathetic, but I have had really bad anxiety about every job I have ever had... I couldn't figure out why. I hadn't been to my desk job for months...I just stopped going, I couldn't face it. I was feeling so bad about myself and about my contribution to our marriage. I was not happy. Well...with major answers to prayers I ended up with a new job interview. That wasn't really the answer I wanted. I didn't even want to go to the interview. I didn't want to get the job because I was terrified. (so crazy... what has happened to me??? haha) Well... I was offered the job. I took it. And I can't believe how much I love it. I am so happy and so grateful for it which I have never felt about a job before. I feel like I am making a difference in so many aspects. I can't believe I get paid to do something I love this much.
I know you are wondering what made this great change in me, well...I am working with troubled teens in a drama therapy program and doing weekly field trips with them. I love it.

We have been busy...thus the neglect of my blog.
But we are having fun, and so in love along the way.

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Latissa and Scott Graham said...

Wow that job sounds amazing! I have always wanted to work with troubled teens.