Monday, May 25, 2009

Kalledge Gradooite

Look! I did it!

Graduate of Utah Valley University with a Bachelor of Science in Music...

President Monson spoke at my Graduation and Presidents Uchtdorf and Eyring were there too!
I kind of bumped into them before commencement began backstage and they told me congrats...

Playing in an orchestra for, lets hope, not the last time!
I can't believe that I am a College Graduate! I hate to admit it, but I never really thought I would finish! I am pretty proud of all that I have learned in the past 4 years!

Here are a few highlights:
-Left home to attend Southern Utah University (scariest and best thing ever!)
-Met some of my BEST friends there
-Had some of my most challenging and growing experiences
-First Kiss as a Freshman in college (I have come a long way!) haha
-Scholarships at SUU for Viola
-Played in the orchestra for Collin Raye
-Symphony Orchestra performed one of my pieces!
-countless recitals, solos, and concerts that my parents came down to see...
-Principal Violist as a freshman
-Failed my first math class
-Retook my math class and did well!
-Found a change was needed... moved home and enrolled at UVSC
-Found out the Math class I retook didn't transfer to UVSC...
-Took 2 more math classes at UVSC which almost killed me
-Lots of dating
-Almost changed my major to Digital Media
-Moved to Carriage Cove
-Performance Scholarships
-Started dating this cute guy named Evan
-Interned in LA for I AM LEGEND soundtrack
-UVSC became UVU
-Sang WICKED with the Symphony
-UVU String Quartet
-Had my most amazing growing experiences as a Violist with an amazing teacher
-Got engaged to Evan!
-JR Viola Recital
-Cowboy Poetry Concerts
-Married my LOVE
-Interned in LA for ANGELS AND DEMONS soundtrack
-learned how to be a good teacher
-SR Viola Recital
-Finished my last semester of school

Plus many more amazing things that I forgot! College really was the best of times!

Now I am on to new and better things... like... what now???

Monday, May 11, 2009

little surprise getaway...

A few weeks ago:
ME: What are we going to do for our anniversary?
Evan: I don't know, what do you want to do?
Me: I don't know... you could surprise me.
Evan: I'm not really that romantic...
Me: It's not too late to change that....

We dropped the subject....

On our Anniversary I was surprised when Evan came home a little late, (let me remind you, he works from 1 AM to 9AM) with 2 dozen gorgeous roses (he was late because the store wasn't even open yet), news of a weekend getaway, and he built me a garden box that I had been wishing over for weeks. I was surprised. SO surprised in fact, that I hadn't done anything for him yet, since we hadn't really talked about it...

We went up to Logan for the weekend and stayed at the Anniversary Inn... We had talked about wanting to go there sometime, and it was really fun... We stayed in the Grand Bridal Suite which was really nice... We also got to tour all of the other rooms and there were some pretty crazy ones! Word to the wise: don't stay in "Arctic Journey." The penguins are a bit much...

Anyway, it was a wonderful, fun, relaxing weekend....

And I never really doubted Evan's romantic skills... He is always romantic, but life gets a little crazy sometimes, and doing something really special meant so much!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

First Anniversary!

Wow! Time really does fly! It seems like I got married a month ago, but today is our one year anniversary... I am pretty lucky to be married to the coolest, most loving, hard working, most fun, best friend, (and attractive I might add) person I have ever known!

One year down...forever to go!

Here are some photos that I never posted from our beautiful reception in Wisconsin...