Friday, July 18, 2008

The second little bundle

Congratulations Krissie and Jake!
New little baby girl Tayva was born yesterday evening!

Here is Evan with his cute new niece!

Taylor and Tate were so excited to see their new baby sister!
Taylor kept asking me if she was done cooking inside mommy,
and Tate just kept saying, "Tayva is out!"


Austin & Andrea said...

Hi Kelsey! I just found your blog through a chain of people and it's so good to see how you're doing! It's weird...I was just at the De Groots house and saw your wedding announcement on the fridge there! You two look like the happiest little couple ever...and I love your wedding pics!!! You look amazing!!!

Sandy Salas said...

I am an old friend of the Shelley family, but have been out of touch for quite some time. I would love to talk to them again. I have pictures of Evan's baptism...I believe I spoke at looks like he has the same humorous spirit he did even then.

My name is Sandy Salas, but was formerly known as Sister Alkire when I lived in Oconomowoc. I would so love to hear from you: